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Solar photovoltaic systems, otherwise known as solar PV systems, convert energy from the sunlight into electricity.

Other than the outlay for purchasing the equipment to harness this energy, you can actually be saving yourself money every month as solar energy is completely free of charge. The systems themselves can be incredibly simple too, with the main components of solar panels or modules being the only real difference to a more traditional energy system.

There are four types of PV panel currently available on the market, these are;

  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline (also known as Multicrystalline)
  • Hybrid
  • Thin film (also known as Amorphous Silicon)
LG Mono Solar Photovoltaic Panel

All of the kinds of panel are made from the same substance (silicon) but are all cut and treated differently to get to the end result and as such, they all have different levels of efficiency and price. For example, monocrystalline cells are often found to be around 2-6% more efficient than polycrystalline cells, however come with a higher price. Hybrid cells combine crystalline and thin film cells together and are more efficient than mono or polycrystalline cells, but again with a higher level of efficiency comes a higher price. Lastly, thin film cells are rarely seen in residential projects and are the cheapest available PV panel, but in line with this they are the least efficient. You can also have solar tiles or solar slates installed and these match the same overlapping installation of ordinary roof tile, allowing you to have a slightly nicer aesthetic than installing panels on your existing roof.

Before jumping in and buying expensive solar panels though, it’s vital that you take the size of your roof into consideration to maximise the power outpost and cost-effectiveness of a solar PV system. If you have a larger roof, then using the cheaper and less efficient thin film or polycrystalline panels can end up being more cost-effective due to the amount of space that you can cover with them, whereas if you have a smaller roof with limited space then a more expensive monocrystalline or hybrid panel may be best as you can maximise the space you have and get the most out of it.

Before being usable in the home, the energy that will be produced by your solar PV system needs to be converted from its direct current (DC) form in which it is harvested to an alternating current (AC) using an inverter. For ease of use, these are commonly placed with the loft of a home and have isolator switches installed both before and after them in the relay. In addition to this, you will also have a PV generation meter connected so that you can see in real time exactly how much energy and electricity your system is generating. This is also used to calculate your Feed-in Tariff payment to earn you money in return for being more eco-friendly and generating your own energy.

Sapphire PV Systems

Sapphire are an Australian company who have placed their emphasis on sourcing only the highest quality components for their products. They currently produce and sell on of the highest selling panels for the commercial market in Australia and have brought their expertise in producing reliable panels built from the best components to the UK at a modest price.

We are working closely with Sapphire to maintain strong levels of stock in the UK and can ensure a reliable pipeline of modules for larger scale commercial systems, as well as offering great value for all domestic retrofit and new-build systems too.

LG Mono PV Systems

Best known as being a consumer brand for things such as televisions and smartphones, LG are also at the forefront of innovation for the design and manufacture of solar panels, producing some of the best looking and highest efficiency panels found worldwide.

The Neon range, utilising their Cello technology, provides an amazing combination of aesthetic and power which is perfect for anyone wanting to be as eco-friendly as possible whilst also maintaining their own aesthetic with plenty of power to spare.

Solar PV Systems

High quality Sapphire solar photovoltaic panels
LG Mono photovoltaic panels matching roof aesthetic
LG roof mounted solar panels

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