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Power optimisers and inverters from SolarEdge are a brilliant way for you to get the most out of a shaded or complicated solar array.

A power optimiser is used to track and modulate how each module in your array is performing in an attempt to overcome any differences in their values due to whether they are shaded, oriented incorrectly to make the most of the sun or even a mismatch of modules. Thanks to the SolarEdge optimiser system, you can reduce the impact of these differences and maximise the power output of your system to give you a quicker return on your investment for both domestic and commercially based installations.

Example of what a SolarEdge power optimiser is

Summary and benefits of SolarEdge

  • Shade is no longer an issue and your system is completely future-proof in the even of trees growing or construction of new buildings.
  • The output from your array will increase as a whole as it can actually benefit from a mismatch in power between panels, giving you up to 3% extra than a string inverter can.
  • Mud, dirt, soil and animal droppings on an individual panel won’t affect the performance of the whole setup.
  • Panels ageing quicker than other doesn’t effect your SolarEdge array.
  • Panels facing in all directions (North, East, West & South) can all be combined and put into the same string.
  • Your most reliable parts will be placed on the roof, while your systems operational parts are in the much more easily accessible inverter.
  • SolarEdge inverters can take a longer string (up to 45 panels) than a regular string inverter, meaning huge savings on your DC cables and isolators which can really add up on a larger array system.
  • You won’t require as many fuses as these are only needed if the array has three or more strings.
  • Your modules can be mixed and matched and are hot-swappable, meaning that if replacements are required in future that it is a much simpler process.
  • You can monitor your array at a modular level on your computer or smartphone.
  • Remotely detection of potential degradation.
  • Remotely bypass the detection of defective diodes.
  • All optimisers have IP67 electronics with a 25 year manufacturer warranty.
  • All SolarEdge optimisers can safely operate at just 1v DC while the inverter is powered off, meaning you don’t require any fancy multimeter or even an electrician to switch one if it fails.
  • Their unique SafeDC mechanism shuts down DC voltage and current for every module as soon as the system is disconnected for saftey during maintenance or in the event of an emergency.
  • Commercial systems have an inbuilt firefighter gateway.
  • Finally, the overall costing is much lower than using micro-inverters.

SolarEdge Power Optimisers

SolarEdge power optimiser array on rooftop

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