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The Tesla Powerwall system is the latest and most innovative form of solar battery storage system available on the market, allowing you to make the most of the energy that your solar system produces.

If you own a home with a solar system generating energy, the Tesla Powerwall can help you to make the most of the energy you are generating and allow you to use it to keep your home running, even when it’s dark out or there’s a powercut. It also helps you to minimise the amount of energy you need to draw from the National Grid, helping you and your home to become more self-sufficient in the process.

By capturing solar energy during the day and storing the excess energy that is generated, you can then utilise the energy when it’s needed most which will help to significantly reduce your energy bills. With a 13.5kWh storage capacity, the Tesla Powerwall is ideal for households that look to use solar energy to cover the majority of their energy needs or even those looking to go greener and run an electric vehicle that is completely self-sufficient. One thing is for clear though, using a solar PV system alongside a Tesla Powerwall will mean that you never pay full price for your energy bills again.

The sleek design of the system means that it doesn’t look intrusive either inside or outside your home, and it even comes with an easy to use mobile application that lets you see a number of different statistics about your system, such as how well the battery is charging and even the amount of National Grid electricity you’re actually consuming.

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As an example of use, a relatively large system for a residential building is a 4kW solar array and can produce around 20kWh of energy on an average summer day, which is enough to fully charge a Tesla Powerwall system and power your home on top of that. The Tesla Powerwall system will run an average home through spring, summer and autumn (maybe even longer into winter) if your demand is low to normal.

When there is less sunlight and shorter days, the same solar array may produce much less energy and you will be more reliant on energy from the National Grid in addition to the Tesla Powerwall system.

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