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Around the world, teams built up of scientists, ecologists and engineers have been working hand in hand to improve methods of sustainable energy.

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution bringing around a huge increase in the use of fossil fuels as an energy source, they are now diminishing and in their wake having a near cataclysmic effect with greenhouse gases at higher levels than ever. Thanks to the amazing research that has been carried out by teams worldwide and steps forward that technology has taken, now more than ever before there are more and more people turning to renewable energy sources to power their day to day lives.

Bunsen Air System

Bunsen Air system process and how it works

Solar energy has been around for as long as the sun has existed, but only since the 1960’s have solar panels been commercially available for it to be used as a source of power. Since then, the technology used to harness solar energy has improved at such an impressive rate and the Bunsen Air system is a proof of just how far research and development have taken this.

Prior to this, technology for harnessing solar power had struggled with being suited to the incredibly temperamental climate in the UK, especially during the winter months where the sky is darker for much longer periods of time, even during the day. The development and addition of battery storage for solar energy means that now, houses can keep all of the solar energy that they have been generating and can then use it whenever they need to, whether it’s day or night, light or dark.

How does the Bunsen Air system work?

The Bunsen Air system will transform your existing cylinder system into a full solar storage system, simply by just attached to the pipework that’s already in place. Your two Bunsen panels, fully kitted out with a dual exhaust and dual panel system, are then mounted to your property externally in order to begin collecting energy from the sun. Thanks to the amazingly intelligent design of these panels, they perform significantly better than any other panels, ultimately meaning that they are more efficient, run quicker and cost much less to heat your water.

By utilising a refrigerant within the system that has boiling point of -26°C to flow around the panels, this means that it can heat up and keep warm despite that fact that mother nature seems to enjoy treating the United Kingdom with freezing cold weather for a vast portion of the year. The refrigerant boils, evaporates and becomes a gas, then simply returns back to the controller where it is compressed back into the heating system to fulfil all of your hot water needs.. Although this sounds like a simple process, it’s a highly simplified explanation of the result of genius scientific work.

The best part of all of this is that you don’t even need to do anything. The Bunsen Air system is completely automatic and switches itself on when it detects that the temperature within your cylinder has dropped, however if you do prefer to be in full control of your heating system or have a specific requirement for it then the system also has full manual control built in.

Protecting the planet

Because you are using just the energy from the outside temperature to heat your water, you can sink into a lovely relaxing bath and enjoy full relaxation knowing that you are not damaging the planet just to keep yourself clean. The Bunsen Air system produces absolutely zero greenhouse gases or pollution to the air and water, in fact it actually just replaces the use of fossil fuels which are known to have detrimental effects on the environment.

It’s friendly to your bank too

Using a renewable energy source is now seen as an amazing thing to do due to the fact that it’s so eco-friendly, but in the past diving into these solutions was difficult due to the costings and financial benefits that could play a part in the decision and it comes as no surprised that the average home in the UK will spend over £450 on heating water alone each year. The Energy Saving Trust have also announced that approximately 35% of the bill when using dual fuel sources go towards heating your water and when you sit back and look at the fact that this is just one element of your bills, this cost is an immense figure. When you take this into consideration, cutting your water and heating bills can have a huge impact.

The Bunsen Air system however is very different. As an example, if you have it on for around 2 hours or so in one day to heat a 200L cylinder up to 55°C, that costs you only 13p. When you take this into consideration across the whole year, your bills could fall as low as around £45 per year which is 10% of what the average household spends on their heating bills each year, so you can start to imaging now how much you can be saving with a Bunsen Air system to provide your hot water and maybe even combining it with a solar system to provide your electricity.

Bunsen Air System

The Bunsen Air control panel by solamics
Hot water provided by the Bunsen Air system
Bunsen Air control panel settings being changed

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