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Why should you get a solar battery?

Energy bill savings: Using a solar powered battery to store energy in times of low demand, you can actually reduce the amount that you need to purchase directly from your energy provider when your usage is operating at a higher level which will save you money on your energy bills.

Backup power supply: Even if you don’t rely on solar energy, you can actually benefit from having the additional backup of a solar battery. If you are ever hit by a power cut, your backup storage of “off the grid” energy could become something that is invaluable to your household.

Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Closing: Way back in 2010, the government introduced a scheme known as the Feed-in Tariff scheme to encourage homeowners to generate electricity by themselves using their solar panels. Any owners of an eligible PV system would be paid back for every kWh of energy that they were generating in addition to being paid for energy that they weren’t using that could be exported back to the National Grid.

Your energy supplier will pay around 5.24p for every kWh that you export and if/when you need to buy energy from a supplier because your PV panels  haven’t been generating enough energy to power your home, they will charge a significantly higher price to repurchase the same amount from them (this usually varies from between 14p – 16p). A solar battery storage system allows you to store and keep hold of any energy that is surplus to requirements that can then be used at another time to help you avoid paying higher rates.

Not all batteries will be suitable to be used with all solar PV systems. An in-depth survey is required to discover the correct type of renewable system that would need to be installed to feed the battery and provide the right amount of energy that the property needs.

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Battery Options

The battery options that are best to use are AC coupled battery storage systems from SoFar solar can give you tremendous value for money and modular battery capacity utilising the Pylon 2..4kWh units. Because these are AC coupled storage systems, they are suitable to use with any existing or newly installed PV system, even those that are equipped with dual tracker inverters, microinverters or power optimisers such as SolarEdge kits.

SoFar units have the added ability of being able to charge directly from the grid, meaning that customers with Economy 7 tariffs or something similar will be allowed the option to harvest cheaper electricity to be backed up and stored for later use, as well as coming with built in monitoring which can be accessed directly via their Android or iOS app.

SolarEdge StorEdge

SolarEdge offer a storage solution known as StorEdge which allows homeowners the ability to maximise their self-consumption and enables them to have energy independence. The SolarEdge inverter itself manages both battery and system energy, as well as offering the full functionality as a DC-optimised PV inverter. Pre-existing single phase SolarEdge systems can be upgraded to the StorEdge solution, with the StorEdge interface then connecting the high-voltage battery into the SolarEdge inverter.

Hybrid Battery Charger

The ground-breaking X-Hybrid battery charger is so much more than just an inverter, it’s an intelligent and integrated system that effectively and efficiently manage all of the energy that you are generating.

It works in three different ways which set it apart from other battery storage systems. The Hybrid-E has a built in emergency power supply functionality which allows the end user to fully use their stored energy during the event of a power outage and can also work completely off the grid thanks to its intelligent design.

Battery Options

Pylon’s newest battery system boasts a 90% DoD and a huge 10 year warranty. By utilising a modular system, banks can be built up via daisy chaining multiple 2.4kWh units together to allow a much larger storage amount and better solution for bigger buildings.

Key Features

  • 90% depth of discharge (this is entirely dependent on the inverter charger settings)
  • >4500 life cycles
  • 10 year warranty (7 years as standard with an adittional 3 years on free homeowner registration)

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