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Solar thermal heating is an ideal solution for heating a swimming pool as it is both more efficient and cheaper to run than conventional energy sources.

The cost of heating a swimming pool by traditional means is becoming ever more expensive as the boilers and fuels that are normally used are less efficient and are going up in cost. A solar thermal heating system that is integrated into a swimming pool can meet up to 80% of your pool’s heating and energy requirements. The solar thermal system that is used to heat swimming pools operates in a very similar way to a solar thermal system that would be installed in a house or commercial premises.

The heat will be collected from the solar collector and transferred to the swimming pool using a heat exchanger. There are a few different choices in regard to the type of heating system you can have installed. The first is to have a mixed system which combines a solar thermal heating system in combination with a standard swimming pool heater. Depending on whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool you may be able to have a system where the energy is generated entirely by a solar thermal system.

To gain the most efficiency from a solar thermal system the system must ideally be located to within 25 meters of the house with the solar thermal system mounted on the roof, building or by the poolside. The solar thermal system should also be linked to your home heating system to ensure that during the winter the system can cover some domestic heating needs

Solar Thermal for Swimming Pools

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